How To Play Any Video On Your BlackBerry PlayBook

As we speak Mobile phones are enjoying a serious position within the lifetime of a standard man. Disclaimer: SensorsTechForum is sharing this data for instructional objective only. Any use of prohibited hacking devices could result within the person going through the consequences of it. On April three, 1973 a researcher, Martin Cooper, made the first name from a mobile device. The company he was working for, Motorola, introduced the primary cell phone to the general public in 1984 for a price of $4,000. The charge time for that gadget was 10 hours for each 30-minute use. I am not a big fan of cell telephones. I actually hate it when you are in the midst of work and suddenly begin ringing. They whenever you return to work, you have to pick up your chain of ideas once more. I purchase only the most basic ones and even those are used ones. I don’t need to spend extra the a few buck on a phone. Oh, and people contact screens actually irritate me. I prefer strong-key, smaller telephones.

In the ebook-studying inhabitants, those more than likely to read e-books embody those with faculty or graduate degrees, those that dwell in households …

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Amazon Timestream time series database generally available

AWS announced the general availability of its Amazon Timestream service this week, expanding the cloud giant’s roster of databases with a time series database offering.

Amazon Timestream has been in preview at AWS since it was first announced at the company’s re:Invent 2018 conference. Timestream is a time series database, which are designed to handle data in chronological order. Amazon Timestream is also a serverless database, with recent data stored in memory to help accelerate data queries.

There is growing interest in the use of time series databases, according to Merv Adrian, research vice president of data and analytics at Gartner.

“We are seeing increasing numbers of organizations in financial services, manufacturing and other industries developing event processing systems based on the ingestion of large amounts of time-series data, with requirements for built-in analytics functions that make it simpler to identify trends and patterns than is possible with non-purpose-built products,” Adrian said.

He added that he expects Amazon Timestream to compete with InfluxDB and QuasarDB, as AWS makes use of its autoscaling capabilities and integration with other offerings in its cloud stack.

Amazon Timestream integrates with other services in the AWS cloud stand to receive event

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Blue Planet: French Study Proposes New Origin Theory for Earth’s Water

Water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and is crucial to life as we know it, but how it got here has been a longstanding scientific debate.

The puzzle was a step closer to being solved Thursday after a French team reported in the journal Science they had identified which space rocks were responsible, and suggested our planet has been wet ever since it formed.

Cosmochemist Laurette Piani, who led the research, told AFP the findings contradicted the prevalent theory that water was brought to an initially dry Earth by far-reaching comets or asteroids.

According to early models for how the Solar System came to be, the large disks of gas and dust that swirled around the Sun and eventually formed the inner planets were too hot to sustain ice.

This would explain the barren conditions on Mercury, Venus, and Mars, but not our blue planet, with its vast oceans, humid atmosphere and well-hydrated geology.

Scientists therefore theorized that the water came along after, and the prime suspects were meteorites known as carbonaceous chondrites that are rich in hydrous minerals.

But the problem was that their chemical composition doesn’t closely match our planet’s rocks.


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COVID-19 isn’t slowing open source—watch for developer burnout

Commentary: New data shows that open source development remains resilient in the face of global upheaval due to the coronavirus pandemic, but developers’ work-life balance may be paying the price.

Image: asiandelight, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Though life has resumed a measure of normalcy for many in the wake of COVID-19, earlier in 2020 life came to an abrupt stop. No more travel. Tightly restrained social interaction. Widespread adoption of work-from-home policies. Everything changed.

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Everything, that is, except open source software development. 

Despite the difficulties of WFH arrangements (increased childcare duties, social isolation, unfamiliar work arrangements, etc.), open source software developers didn’t miss a beat. In fact, as evidenced by data from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), code commits increased in the wake of the global pandemic. As ASF president David Nalley related in an interview during Apacheon 2020, “The asynchronous, distributed communications and decision-making of open source development has made us resilient to the types of stress the pandemic has applied to other organizations.”

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The code must go on

Since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, noted Nalley in his ApacheCon

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