Upsolver advances open cloud data lake, data pipeline efforts

Getting data into a cloud data lake is one thing, being able to bring that data into the right structure so that it can be useful for data queries and analytics is a different and more difficult undertaking.

Data preparation vendor Upsolver is looking to make it easier for organizations to get data into cloud data lakes in an approach that helps to enable what the company refers to as an open cloud data lakehouse.

The concept of cloud data lakehouse was first espoused by Databricks as an approach that joins capabilities from data warehousing and data lakes. With a cloud lakehouse, data is stored in a data lake in a format that can allow users to query the data.

With Upsolver, the vendor’s platform enables users to load data into a data lake and then transform in an extract, transform, load (ETL) type process so that it’s usable by query engines. On Oct. 7, Upsolver made generally available new data ingestion connectors that enable the company’s platforms to work with Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. Upsolver had previously largely focused on support for the Amazon Athena query engine.

Creating a data pipeline to enable a cloud data

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Gets an HBO Series, From Channing Tatum and Star Trek Beyond Writer: Report

The story of Elon Musk’s SpaceX is coming to TV. HBO is reportedly developing a six-episode limited series based on Ashlee Vance’s 2015 best-selling Musk biography “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.” It will tell the story of a team of SpaceX engineers who were picked by Musk to build and launch a rocket into orbit (Falcon 1), and subsequently delivered the first-ever reusable rocket (Falcon 9) that could land vertically. Channing Tatum is among the executive producers on the HBO SpaceX series, alongside Doug Jung (Star Trek Beyond) as writer and executive producer.

Variety brings word of HBO working on a SpaceX miniseries, and notes that Musk is not involved “at this time.” Vance’s book covers Musk’s life from childhood to his SpaceX days, through his years at city guide Zip2, payments processor PayPal, and electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. However, the HBO series will only focus on SpaceX that has a lot of firsts to its name for a privately-funded space company, including the first manned Falcon 9 mission back in May.

Musk founded SpaceX in 2002, a year before he started Tesla, and now commands a personal net worth of nearly

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