GoodData adds self-service modeling tools to analytics suite

GoodData today unveiled two new data integration and modeling capabilities for its analytics platform on Friday, each designed to enable self-service users to prepare their data for analysis.

The vendor, founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, began an overhaul of its platform during the summer of 2019, shifting from a focus on embedded BI to self-service analytics, and the new data modeling capabilities are part of that overhaul.

CSV Modeling, now generally available, enables users to create or prototype data models from comma-separated value files (CSVs) stored on Amazon S3 or kept on premises. With the new tool, organizations without cloud data warehouses have the ability to develop data models from CSV files, automatically update the underlying data, and build dashboards on top of those data models for analysis.

Cloud Data Warehouse Modeling, meanwhile, is scheduled to be available in early November and enables users to create data models using data stored in cloud data warehouses. Using a drag-and-drop interface, users are able to easily search and select datasets from their cloud data warehouse and create the data models that lead to analysis and insight.

And for those organizations that have some of their data stored in CSV

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NASA Probe OSIRIS-REx Briefly Touches Asteroid Bennu to Collect Rare Samples

After a four-year journey, NASA’s robotic spacecraft OSIRIS-REx briefly touched down on asteroid Bennu’s boulder-strewn surface on Tuesday to collect rock and dust samples in a precision operation 200 million miles (330 million kilometers) from Earth.

The so-called “Touch-And-Go” or TAG manoeuvre was managed by Lockheed Martin Space in Denver, Colorado, where at 6:12 pm (2212 GMT) an announcer said: “Touchdown declared. Sampling is in progress,” and scientists erupted in celebration.

The historic mission was 12 years in the making and rested on a critical 16 second period where the spacecraft performed a delicate autonomous manoeuvre to grab its precious payload: at least 60 grams (two ounces), or a candy-bar sized amount of regolith that scientists hope will help unravel the origins of our solar system.

If OSIRIS-REx successfully comes home in September 2023, it will have collected the largest sample returned from space since the Apollo era.


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