Topics that divide the gaming community

Looking at the past, it is very much notable how internet has been a part of video gaming and how it has significantly affected the industry. Any game that is released has features of player connectivity that ranges from multiplayer to the ability to plug in Twitter into the game. As a result several communities have been performed.

Some of the communities are good as they are friendly groups of certain people who like a particular game. The game developers are responsible for dividing the communities based on their gaming ideas. A design of a particular game can determine the behaviour of a particular person. Behaviour of a person is directly influenced by his surroundings, it is same with games. A certain game design can inculcate positive behaviour and negative behaviour too.

The other dividing factor in gaming community is how the game was released into the market. Whether it was released as a box product, or a digital download? Was it free, or launched as a beta and then released and updated as a full release? The method of game delivery strongly impacts how the community evolves. Through such communities it is easy to get pixel gun hacks.

The game developers strive hard to divide and influence the gaming community. The negativity in the games can be toxic to the community members. But players playing such games are guilty of such behaviour themselves.

Communities in video gaming are evolving and changing rapidly. There is no rule to stay in a particular community or another. The video game design and the method of delivery significantly affect the community. By seeing the positive and negatives what did not work well in a game you too can create the next online community of video games.

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