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‘Smart Crib’ Aims to Help Rockabye Baby

As every new parent knows, sleep can go out the window after the arrival of a newborn.

That was certainly the case for parents Radhika and Bharath Patil, who seeking relief for their own disrupted sleep patterns, put their electronic engineering backgrounds together to create a “smart crib”.

Their crib, powered by artificial intelligence, combines a baby monitor, rocker, bassinet and crib in one.

“It’s not the amount of work around the baby that tires the parents, it’s the lack of sleep,” Radhika Patil, Cradlewise chief executive, told Reuters in an interview.

According to a recent study, new mothers lose an hour of sleep per night on average and it can take them up to six years to regain pre-pregnancy sleep levels.

It was for their first child that Patils built the Cradlewise smart crib, using a patented silent rocking mechanism combined with a set of cameras to monitor the baby and transmit live through a smartphone app.

“So we have a baby monitor that’s looking at the baby and detecting the early signs of wake-up, and it starts the rocking as well,” Radhika Patil said.

Early detection is key, she said, adding that the sooner parents can