Elastic 7.9 platform improves data observability

Elastic updated its namesake Elastic Stack data platform with new features designed to improve data observability, ingest and security.

The Elastic 7.9 release became generally available on Aug. 19, providing enhanced capabilities for the Elastic Stack platform.

The platform is built on a foundation that includes Elasticsearch for search, Logstash for log management and Kibana for data visualization. Among the new capabilities in the update is a technology preview for the new unified agent that helps enable data collection and security. The release also includes an enhanced ingest manager with a simplified approach to getting data from different sources into Elastic.

Among the customers of the open source search and analytics vendor that are optimistic about the 7.9 release and the new ingest manager is financial services provider CDL, based in Stockport, Englang. The company deploys Elastic for several applications in the insurance and financial services sector, including the Hummingbird data intelligence system.

CDL’s service ingests large amounts of information in real time to analyze patterns of behavior, using the search capabilities of Elastic to look at data such as active insurance quotations and policy history. CDL also uses Elastic for central logging and audit functions.

“Our applications process

Jakob van Zyl, Key NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Engineer, Dies at 63

Jakob van Zyl, an engineer who held crucial positions at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and was involved in numerous space exploration missions over decades, has died. He was 63.

Van Zyl, who retired in 2019 after a 33-year career, suffered a heart attack on Monday and died Wednesday at a hospital in Pasadena, California, said Veronica McGregor, a spokeswoman for JPL.

Van Zyl’s roles included director for astronomy and physics, director for solar system exploration and associate director on a project to formulate a vision for JPL’s future.

“JPL and NASA are richer for his many technical and managerial contributions, and for his unwavering dedication and engaging personality,” JPL Director Michael Watkins said in a statement.

Van Zyl was involved in missions that sent the Juno spacecraft to Jupiter, Dawn to the asteroid belt, Cassini to Saturn, and the InSight Mars and its tying accompanying CubeSat spacecraft. He was also involved in the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission currently en route to the red planet, as well as development of future missions.

His early work in Earth sciences led to roles designing and developing missions using synthetic aperture radar.

A native of Namibia, van Zyl received a degree