Data mapping as a service, a modern form of data discovery

Data resides in many different places and figuring out how to navigate and identify it is no small challenge.

Among the many vendors that offer technology to help organizations with data management and discovery has been Active Navigation, based in Washington, D.C., and founded in 2008. Over the last dozen years, the data landscape has changed significantly, with organizations using more data, from more sources. The cloud and software as a service (SaaS) models have also grown in importance, as a location from which data is generated, as well as an approach for delivering application services.

On Sept. 1, the vendor made public the next phase of its evolution, rebranding itself as ActiveNav. Alongside the renaming, the vendor launched its new Active-Inventory service, a data mapping as a service (DMaaS) system for data discovery. DMaaS enables organization to identify and organize unstructured data and can help business users more fully utilize data assets.

In this Q&A, Peter Baumann, co-founder and CEO, discusses the evolution of ActiveNav and what data mapping is all about.

What was the founding vision for ActiveNav and how has it changed over the past dozen years?

Peter Baumann: We founded the business based

Asteroid 2020 QL2, Bigger Than a Football Field, to Fly by Earth on September 14

Asteroid 2020 QL2 that could be up to 120 meters (394 feet) in diameter is expected to safely fly past Earth on September 14, as per NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). The asteroid is expected to fly past at a speed of nearly 38,620 kmph (24,000 mph) and come within a distance of 6.8 million kms (4.2 million miles). The asteroid could be as big as the iconic London Eye or bigger than a professional football field.

The asteroid’s size could be anywhere between 53 meters (174 feet) and 120 meters, according to NASA. This makes it one of the potentially largest rocks on the space agency’s Near-Earth Object (NEO) Earth Close Approaches list. Asteroid 2020 QL2 is currently travelling at 10.5 kilometres per second (6.52 miles per second).

Considering its size and close proximity to Earth, Asteroid 2020 QL2 is considered “potentially hazardous” by NASA. However, it has almost no chances of hitting the Earth.
Space objects that come within 0.05 astronomical units (4.6 million miles) and measure more than 140 meters (460 feet) in diameter are labelled “potentially hazardous,” as per CNEOS. Going by this, the Asteroid 2020 QL2 comes close to be considered the

Animated Cassie: A Dynamic Relatable Robotic Character

To improve human-robot interaction, robots should incite emotion in humans besides executing tasks. Such types of robots as bipedal robots can move and convey emotion with lots of agility and success. A recent paper on suggests how a bipedal robot, Cassie Cal, can perform emphatic motions and make an impression of having a personality.

Image credit: Zhongyu Li, Christine Cummings and Koushil Sreenath / arXiv:2009.02846

The behavior with emotional attributes is created on a 3D animation suite. Then, the animated motions are translated to be feasible by a real-world robot. To perform complex motions, a novel walking controller is proposed. A library of motions corresponding to different emotions is created. Furthermore, a story where the robot chases a moving laser point is created. During experimental tests, it was verified that people can recognize the emotions of Cassie and follow the story, while the robot maintained balance and smoothly performed the transitions between standing and walking states.

Creating robots with emotional personalities will transform the usability of robots in the real world. As previous emotive social robots are mostly based on statically stable robots whose mobility is limited, this paper develops an animation to real world pipeline that enables dynamic

How Smartphones Developed To Dominate Your Life

Do you typically find yourself up late at evening, basking in the cool glow of your tv or smartphone? Within the e book-reading inhabitants, these probably to learn e-books embrace these with school or graduate levels, those who live in households earning greater than $75,000, and those whose ages fall between 30 and 49. Get your life in gear with the entire year’s greatest new devices. Today, there are greater than 2.5 billion lively Android gadgets on the market, making Google’s OS probably the most dominant platform on this planet. The Jabra Elite 75t ship all the pieces you’d expect from a wonderful pair of completely wi-fi earbuds They’re smooth, durable, comfortable, entertaining, dependable during cellphone calls, and reasonably priced. They’re also water-resistant and full of sensible options, which you can access through a mobile app.

I feel the answer to this quetion depends on who you ask. Folks residing in city environments with respectable earning are usually addicted to gadgets and gadgets like cellphones and computer systems. As a rule, devices for gaming signify modified, downloaded versions of current units. They’ve been made more ergonomic, supplied with particular buttons and gaming services, made in the fan model of some …