Informatica CEO outlines digital transformation challenges

Digital transformation is a buzzword that is often overused and misunderstood. Yet, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, organizations of all types have a clear need to embrace digital modes of service delivery and enablement, in a world in which social distancing is the norm.

Among the many vendors looking to help organizations with digital transformation efforts is Informatica, with its portfolio of enterprise data management, data governance, analytics, data catalog and visibility offerings. This year has been particularly busy for the data management and integration vendor, with new CEO Amit Walia taking over on Jan. 2 and multiple product updates and releases. Walia is no stranger to Informatica, having been with the vendor since 2013 and had previously been the company’s president of products and marketing.

Back in January, few could have predicted the direction that the world and businesses would go in the following months. In this Q&A, Walia discusses digital transformation in the COVID-19 economy and where his company is headed.

How has the transition to Informatica CEO during the COVID-19 pandemic gone so far?

Amit Walia: It has been an incredibly crazy year, to say the least. It has only been eight months since I took

How Scientists Use the Fulcrum App to Collect Data in the Field

Fulcrum is an app that allows scientists to gather data and maintain entries generated in the field when carrying out their research and it has helped prevent the loss of data to random accidents. In today’s age, mobile applications are very valuable and useful tools for us that enable us to carry out a variety of previously unimaginable functions. There are now apps that are designed specifically to collect data effectively for later use in communications, analysis, and more. These apps allow us to collect huge amounts and a wide range of data and also retrieve it quickly and easily. Given how data-dependent our work is, we started using an app called Fulcrum to assist in data collection.

Earlier, when there was no Fulcrum and we had to survey dozens of villages, it was very difficult for us to write down all the information on a data sheet. It was even more difficult to maintain the data records over time and to sort through hundreds of sheets for data entry. Data loss was the single biggest issue we faced with paper sheets. We lost some valuable data to rain, abnormal weather conditions, sheets getting torn, and some random accidents that

Trump Calls Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple The ‘MAGA’ Firms

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After all, that doesn’t mean the 2 companies would stop working on bettering the present resolution. Surely, they wish to deliver an even better experience when using your computer with your Galaxy phone, even if its one in all their cheaper gadgets. But the added functionality of a standalone Windows on …