Mega Hopex update focuses on aligning IT to business goals

A major update to Mega International’s Hopex enterprise architecture tool aims to help customers better align IT resources with business objectives through a new enterprise management portal and strategic planning module.

Mega’s Hopex version 4 adds an IT Business Management module that can bring together functionality and data from the IT portfolio and business architecture components into one place through a streamlined UI to help users ensure their technology stays on track with their business goals. The more cohesive approach should smooth awkward transitions that customers sometimes faced between IT and business architecture profiles, said Daniel Hebda, Mega’s chief strategy officer.

A new Mega Hopex 360 enterprise portal will also give CIOs, business stakeholders and IT leaders access to a dashboard with charts and graphics to help them monitor their digital transformation projects. Hebda said prior Hopex portals focused on enterprise architects as the primary end user.

Access for C-level execs

But Than Nagashunmugam, an enterprise architect at a major financial institution and a member of Mega’s customer advisory board, said C-level executives also need to view a clear summary of the company’s applications, including the total number, their locations on or off premises and any that might

Nokia N97

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NASA Urges Private Companies to Gather Moon Rocks for It

NASA on Thursday announced it was in the market for Moon rocks, and wants to pay companies to scoop out the dirt, take a photo, and then have it ready for collection by a future mission.

The contract doesn’t actually involve getting to the Moon itself, a feat only achieved by the national space agencies of three countries, but instead envisages companies designing a robot that NASA or major private sector players can then launch.

“NASA is buying lunar soil from a commercial provider! It’s time to establish the regulatory certainty to extract and trade space resources,” tweeted administrator Jim Bridenstine.

The US wants to become a leader in the exploitation of resources found in the soil or subsoil of asteroids and the Moon, a policy outlined in an executive order by President Donald Trump last year, despite an absence of international or legal consensus on the best way to manage extraterrestrial mining.

The major space treaties are vague on the question.

For the current tender, it has asked companies from around the world to present proposals to collect 50 to 500 grams of Moon rock, or regolith, from anywhere on the surface, provide imagery to prove it, then transfer

Germany wins the ERC 2020 tournament

The winner of the sixth edition of the international ERC competition is the German team ERIG e.V. Hot on their heels were members of RoverOva from the Czech Republic, who ended up second. The third place was granted to both DJS Antariksh from India and Columbian Robocol. It is the first time in the history of ERC where two teams tied for a place on the podium.

The sixth edition of the ERC competition was held with a new, remote formula. Between the 11th and 13th of September 2020, 26 teams from 14 countries around the world participated in the tournament; remotely navigating the mobile robot on the biggest artificial Martian field in the world, located in Poland. They participated in two field tasks that included collecting samples from the MarsYard using opportunistic rover science methods as well as performing a sequence of operations at the target machine.

During #ERC2020 teams were using an innovative remote-robot management platform and mobile robots. Image credit: ERC

Year by year the level of ERC participants is higher and higher. It makes us glad that teams put faith in the remote edition of ERC 2020 and showed great professionalism while preparing for