Informatica update improves cloud data management

Informatica is capping off a busy year with its fall 2020 update, which contains enhanced enterprise cloud data management capabilities within its portfolio of technologies and services.

Among the updates in the vendor’s fall 2020 version is a new intelligent data marketplace service with artificial intelligence features to help organizations source the right data.

Informatica also integrated capabilities it gained with the acquisition of Compact Solutions in July, to expand its data catalog with improved data lineage functionality. The company’s IPaaS (integration platform as a service), Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, gets new serverless data integration capabilities as part of the fall 2020 update. The update became generally available on Oct. 13.

IPaaS is an increasingly crucial category of technology, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, said Nick Grizzell, research analyst at Nucleus Research. In  Nucleus Research’s 2020 iPaaS Technology Value Matrix, the firm noted that companies looking to sustain healthy business operations in 2020 and 2021 would likely to iPaaS systems that enable citizen developers, he said.

“More companies than ever before are migrating to cloud-based solutions, and with that comes a significant increase in applications and data to manage,” Grizzell said. “In recent years, cloud solutions have increased in

NASA Prepares OSIRIS-REx to Safely Store Leaking Asteroid Samples

NASA’s robotic spacecraft Osiris-Rex is set to begin on Tuesday a delicate operation to store the precious particles it scooped up from the asteroid Bennu, but which were leaking into space when a flap got wedged open.

The probe is on a mission to collect fragments that scientists hope will help unravel the origins of our solar system, but that hit a snag after it picked up too big of a sample.

Fragments from the asteroid’s surface are in a collector at the end of the probe’s three-metre (10-foot) arm, slowly escaping into space because some rocks have prevented the compartment closing completely.

That arm is what came into contact with Bennu for a few seconds last Tuesday in the culmination of a mission launched from Earth some four years ago. 

The probe is thought to have collected some 400 grams (14 ounces) of fragments, far more than the minimum of 60 grams needed, NASA said previously.

Scientists need to stow the sample in a capsule that is at the probe’s centre, and the operation was moved up to Tuesday from the planned November 2 date due to the leak.

“The abundance of material we collected from Bennu made it

How to manipulate multiple graphic files at the same time in a Word document

Learn how to work more productively by making the same modification to several graphic files at once in Microsoft Word.

Image: iStock/Sonja Rachbauer

Our Microsoft Word documents often contain graphics, and it’s not uncommon to want to perform the same task on several or even all of those files at the same time. Word has several ways to work with, or manipulate, more than one graphic file, and in this article, you’ll learn about them. 

I’m working with Microsoft 365 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you can use earlier versions. You can work with your own files or download the demonstration .docx file. The web version doesn’t support the advanced find-and-replace options used in this article.

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How to find graphic files using Find in Word

Finding all the graphic files in a document is easy, but I want to make sure you understand that you are finding all images. It’s a good way to find specific images by browsing through all of the graphics. You’re not selecting the files, so you can’t manipulate them all, but let’s work through the steps anyway:

  1. On the Home tab, click Find