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It seems that even after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has not yet lined all its authorized bases or sorted out any unfastened ends. Join the iPhone Improve Program to get the newest iPhone every year, low month-to-month payments, and the coverage of AppleCare+. 8 We can even connect your new iPhone to your provider in store or on-line. Home windows 10 for phones supports Host Card Emulation, licensing makes it official. In that regard, proper now Apple has the higher hand. In spite of everything, the company made its identify with its Mac computer systems way before it began making iPhones. And though globally Apple’s desktop operating system market share is much decrease than that of Microsoft, loads of firms work solely with Apple’s pc hardware, whether that is Macs or MacBook laptops. This naturally makes iPhones the popular cell gadgets for the people that work in such environments.

ICT consultants have claimed the settlement between Samsung and Apple is basically designed to tackle Apple’s present stance on marrying software and hardware, which finally allows customers to seamlessly sync recordsdata between iOS units and macOS laptops and computer systems resulting from their shared ecosystem. I believe the third time’s …

Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps: Europe’s Journey So Far

More than 20 countries and territories in Europe have launched or plan smartphone apps that seek to break the chain of coronavirus infection by tracking encounters between people and issuing a warning should one of them test positive.

Most countries in the region have opted to use Bluetooth short-range radio to monitor close encounters that could spread the disease, after concluding that tracking people’s movements using location data would be intrusive.

What’s the story so far?

Since there is no cure or vaccine for COVID-19, governments have turned to technology to contribute to broader efforts to contain the pandemic.

After initial efforts misfired, Apple and Alphabet’s Google – whose iOS and Android operating systems run 99 percent of the world’s smartphones – developed a standard that logs contacts securely on devices.

Which countries have launched apps?

In the EU, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, and Poland have launched apps using the Google-Apple standard. Outside the bloc, similar apps are now live in Switzerland, Northern Ireland, and Gibraltar.

Another nine EU countries plan Google-Apple apps, which would by design be interoperable.

France and Hungary have launched a different type of app that stores information on a central server.

Myelin optimizes information processing in the brain

Myelin-forming glial cells are crucial for the temporal processing of acoustic signals.

In a conversation, we can easily understand and distinguish individual words. In the brain, the temporal structure of speech with its rapid succession of sounds and pauses and its characteristic rhythm is encoded by electrical impulses.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine in Göttingen and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin have discovered that nerve cells can only process the temporal sequence of acoustic signals if they cooperate with certain glial cells.

Oligodendrocytes wrap around the axon of a nerve cell. In this way, they form an electrical insulation layer around the axon and thus increase the conduction speed. The oligodendrocytes also supply the neuron with energy. Credit: MPI f. Experimantal Medicine/ de Hoz, Moore

Nerve cells transmit electrical signals with the help of their axons. The speed and temporal precision required for processing in the brain is only achieved thanks to myelin – an electrical insulation of the axons formed by so-called oligodendrocytes. On the one hand, these glial cells increase the speed of nerve conduction. In addition, the oligodendrocytes supply the nerve cells with energy in the form of lactic acid (lactate).

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