Elon Musk’s SpaceX Said to Violate Its Launch License in Explosive Starship Test: Report

SpaceX’s first high-altitude test flight of its Starship rocket, which exploded last month while attempting to land after an otherwise successful test launch, violated the terms of its Federal Aviation Administration test license, the Verge reported on Friday, citing sources.

An investigation was opened that week focusing on the explosive landing and on SpaceX’s refusal to stick to the terms of what the US FAA authorised, the Verge said.

SpaceX did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Starship rocket destroyed in the accident was a 16-storey-tall prototype for the heavy-lift launch vehicle being developed by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s private space company to carry humans and 100 tons of cargo on future missions to the moon and Mars.

The self-guided rocket blew up as it touched down on a landing pad following a controlled descent. The test flight had been intended to reach an altitude of 41,000 feet, propelled by three of SpaceX’s newly developed Raptor engines for the first time.

But the company left unclear whether the rocket had flown that high.

The US FAA said it would evaluate additional information provided by SpaceX as part of its application to modify its launch license.


Trucking companies drive slowly into new tech, but it can help streamline shipping

Capgemini rep says new trends include last-mile drones, route optimization, and robots.

More about artificial intelligence

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby spoke with Vikas Shetty, client partner at Capgemini, an IT consulting business, about trucking logistics and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Vikas Shetty: If I talk about all logistics overall, it has been used right from the planning phase to the last-mile delivery. Within this entire section, just to give you an example, in planning space for demand forecasting or to find a particular trend, like around weather and all business-to-business runs. All those trends for that, AI has been used extensively. Some of the new trends which we are seeing, if I have to say specific to trucking and logistics, it’s like the last-mile delivery using AI drones, which is still in a very early stage but there will be adoption in near future. There will be a much bigger adoption for that. The other part is warehouse automation. A lot of big players in the market have already started using robots as part of the AI thing.

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Smartphone Face Off

A cell phone or a cellular telephone is a communication device that permits you to make or receive telephone calls through a radio hyperlink, inside a large geographic area, even if you are moving around inside that space. Anker’s IQ2 technology allows this useful charger to detect and mechanically optimize the facility output for suitable devices, letting it power many phones as much as eighty % in about 35 minutes. You can rating the PowerDrive Speed 2 automotive charger for $18. The recognition of social networking is on a rise and what better way to make mobiles extra appealing to the younger era than to integrate social networking choices in a handset. Superior mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, have an edge over the remainder of the handsets as they’re properly equipped for social networking in addition to other options like MP3s, memo recording, multimedia features, video games and connectivity choices.

At this level, we are about two steps away from turning into cyborgs. As soon as we will add our consciousnesses to the cloud and eliminate our pesky bodily capabilities, we’ll be there: totally built-in with know-how. In the meantime, it seems we’re getting nearer each day. …

Apache Iceberg rising for new cloud data lake platforms

The open source Apache Iceberg data project has moved forward with new features and is set to become a foundational layer for cloud data lake platforms.

At the Subsurface 2021 virtual conference on Jan. 27 and 28, developers and users outlined how Apache Iceberg is used and what new capabilities are in the works. The Apache Iceberg project was originally developed at streaming media giant Netflix in 2018 and became part of the Apache Software Foundation in 2019. Iceberg provides an open table format for large data sets and is particularly useful for cloud data lake deployments. It is often compared to the Linux Foundation’s Delta Lake open source project, which has similar goals.

While Iceberg was created at Netflix to help solve its cloud data lake challenges, the Apache Iceberg technology is finding increasing adoption by large companies including Apple, Expedia and Adobe, among others. For cloud data lake engine vendor Dremio, which was the host and lead sponsor of the Subsurface conference, Iceberg is set to become the foundation of a new data tier to help organizations make more effective use of their data.

Iceberg in Adobe’s cloud data lake

In a technical session on Thursday, Gautam

37 Recently Active Volcanic Structures Identified on Venus

Scientists have identified 37 volcanic structures on Venus that appear to be recently active – and probably still are today – painting the picture of a geologically dynamic planet and not a dormant world as long thought.

The research focused on ring-like structures called coronae, caused by an upwelling of hot rock from deep within the planet’s interior, and provided compelling evidence of widespread recent tectonic and magma activity on Venus’s surface, researchers said on Monday.

Many scientists long had thought Venus, lacking the plate tectonics that gradually reshape Earth’s surface, was essentially dormant geologically for the past half billion years.

“Our work shows that some of that interior heat is still able to reach the surface even today. Venus is clearly not so geologically dead or dormant as previously thought,” said Earth and planetary scientist Anna G├╝lcher of the Institute of Geophysics in Zurich, lead author of the research published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The researchers determined the type of geological features that could exist only in a recently active corona – a telltale trench surrounding the structure. Then they scoured radar images of Venus from NASA’s Magellan spacecraft in the 1990s to find coronae that fit the

After Samsung, Apple, Microsoft Reveals Curiosity In Foldable Device

The Acer F900 provides customers a big cell phone package deal which is extra akin to a PDA. Generally I hear a so known as professional say or I read an article saying that tech has develop into too prevalent in our adult lives. I respectfully disagree with that assumption. Certain, some folks can change into overly obsessed with absolutely anything and allow their lives to be out of stability – however they are the exceptions. It is a 3G machine and is suitable with Wi-Fi wireless networking and is far quicker than 3G, which makes going surfing at residence a simple activity. The European Galaxy Tabs can be used as a phone but US carriers insisted that this perform to be ignored. The Tab has some great options which has cemented its position as (at present) the only actual contender with the iPad when it comes to functions and features.

The annual meet of the Trade leaders gave encouraging information to the consuming world. Microsoft is introducing Windows Cellphone 7 sequence, their new mobile operating system which can tackle Apple iPhone. Accent is on social networking and communication to enlarge buyer base or patronage. Samsung additionally introduced their social …

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