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The i900 Omnia works on a Microsoft Home windows Mobile 6.1 Skilled operating system which helps Microsoft Workplace document viewing capabilities & a PDF viewer which will can help you view the information in PDF format. Samsung proved that it may possibly do extra inspiring adverts than simply bashing Apple and competitors with a clip for the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. Nonetheless, its ads that concentrate on rivals are more standard with the crowds. The Sochi 2014 advert received greater than 46,000 views on YouTube since March 6 when it was launched, while the new Galaxy Professional clip has already passed a hundred and ten,000 views in less than a day since being printed on YouTube. Android is at all times creating and changing, how a lot has ios changed since the first iPhone? Not a lotI’ve had an iPhone 3gs and a HTC hd2 and a Nokia n8 and some Androids. I at all times come again to Android as a result of it is what I like, different individuals like ios and others like bb and others like Nokia, I would not say their sh!t as a result of what works for each physique else is completely …

Starburst raises $100M as PrestoSQL rebrands as Trino

The enterprise Presto community is starting 2021 with a few big changes, as PrestoSQL has been rebranded and Starburst, one of its largest backers, announced a new $100 million round of funding.

Starburst, based in Boston, announced the new round of funding Wednesday, bringing total funding to date up to $164 million. The new Series C round was led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from Salesforce Ventures, as well as existing investors Coatue and Index Ventures. Starburst is led by the founders of the open source Presto project, which got its start at Facebook. Presto provides a SQL query layer for data that is useful in data lake deployments.

Presto, PrestoSQL, PrestoDB and Trino

The Presto landscape has been fractured, with a pair of rival efforts using the name for their own open source project and implementations.

Starburst helped form the Presto Software Foundation in 2019 with other vendors to advance PrestoSQL. A rival effort, the Presto Foundation, was formed the same year by Facebook, Uber, Twitter and Alibaba, and run at the Linux Foundation. The Presto Foundation backs another version of Presto, PrestoDB.

After efforts to bring the two groups together didn’t come to fruition at the end

Virgin Galactic Offers a Peek at Passenger Rocket SpaceShipTwo’s Cabin

Passengers flying Virgin Galactic on suborbital trips into space will be able to see themselves floating weightless against the backdrop of the Earth below while 16 cameras document the adventures, the company said Tuesday.

Highly detailed amenities to enhance the customer flight experience were shown in an online event revealing the cabin of the company’s rocket plane, a type called SpaceShipTwo, which is undergoing testing in preparation for commercial service.

The interior cabin of billionaire Richard Branson’s space tourism firm Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo
Photo Credit: Virgin Galactic


There are a dozen windows for viewing, seats that will be customised for each flight’s six passengers and capable of adjusting for G forces, and, naturally, mood lighting.

Jet designer Jeremy Brown said the passengers’ most lasting impression may come from a large mirror at the rear of the cabin.

“We think that there’s a real memory burn that customers are going to have when they see that analog reflection of themselves in the back of the cabin, seeing themselves floating freely in space … that very personal interaction that they’ll have with the experience,” he said.

Virgin Galactic was founded by British billionaire Richard Branson after the prize-winning flights of the

Stem cell treatment corrects skull shape and restores brain function in mouse model of childhood disorder

Scientists regenerate parts of the skull affected by craniosynostosis, a common birth defect.

Using stem cells to regenerate parts of the skull, scientists corrected skull shape and reversed learning and memory deficits in young mice with craniosynostosis, a condition estimated to affect 1 in every 2,500 infants born in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The only current therapy is complex surgery within the first year of life, but skull defects often return afterward. The study, supported by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), could pave the way for more effective and less invasive therapies for children with craniosynostosis. The findings were published in Cell. NIDCR is part of the National Institutes of Health.

A stem cell-based treatment given to young mice with craniosynostosis regenerated the flexible joints between skull bones and restored skull shape and size (right), compared to untreated animals (left), as shown in this 3D rendering. Image credit: Amanda Frataccia, USC

“This is a pivotal study demonstrating both structural regeneration and functional restoration in an animal model of craniosynostosis, said Lillian Shum, PhD, director of NIDCR’s Division of Extramural Research. “It holds great potential for translation to