Microsoft Surface Laptop Fingers

The HTC Contact Professional 2 is a cellphone which is full of features and capabilities that depart the competition standing. This may very well be one of the main adjustments to TVs in recent years, flexible screens was introduced at this yr’s CES. With the latest know-how, OLED know-how permits telephones and TVs to be paper-skinny and bendable. Both Samsung and LG launched a concave TELEVISION prototype suggesting that in a number of years TVs doesn’t have to only be flat rectangles. Furthermore, Samsung shared their concept for a versatile phone called Youm.” The cellphone is described as pliable and near-unbreakable display.

Each Google and Microsoft are pushing aggressively into consumer hardware merchandise as a part of the web giants’ strategy to lock more customers into their ecosystems of software program and cloud-based mostly services, which they hope will in turn give them an edge in future applied sciences equivalent to artificial intelligence computing. Google is the world’s No. 2 smart speaker maker after Amazon and its Pixel phone, though ranked No. 6 in the U.S. market final 12 months, grew more than 50% in shipments globally.

The ITC stated this week that it does plan to research the complaint, …

Researchers Rediscover ‘Lost Planet’ Using New Method in Another Step Towards Finding Habitable Planets

Researchers from University of Warwick in the UK rediscovered the planet named NGTS-11b using the Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) telescopes in Chile. The planet was originally found in 2018 using data from NASA’s TESS telescope, which scans for a dip in light from the star to identify it as a planet. At the time, due to a 27-day scanning limitation of the TESS telescope, the star could not be identified. However, using the NGTS telescopes, researchers were successfully able to rediscover NGTS-11b, which revolves around its star every 35 days.

As per the report published on the Warwick website, a team of researchers led by Dr. Samuel Gill used past data from NASA’s TESS telescope. This telescope uses the transit method to spot planets by scanning for a dip in light from the star, which indicates that an object has passed between the telescope and the star. Two dips are required to confirm the existence of a planet, but because the TESS telescope only scans most sections for the sky for 27 days, researchers were able to spot only one dip from NGTS-11b during that duration back in 2018.

Now, using the NGTS telescopes at Chile, the team observed the

Google releases alarming report about North Korean hackers posing as security analysts

Google said the attackers were targeting security researchers by using fake LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and asking to collaborate.

Image: iStock/iBrave

Google unveiled a new report from its Threat Analysis Group on Monday highlighting the work of a group of cyberattackers associated with the government of North Korea that sought to impersonate cybersecurity researchers in an effort to target those “working on vulnerability research and development at different companies and organizations.” Adam Weidemann, a member of the Threat Analysis Group, wrote that the attackers used a variety of fake blogs, Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profiles to make themselves look legitimate and communicate with researchers and analysts they were hoping to go after. 

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ZDNet noted that the malware associated with the attack was tied to a notorious North Korean government-backed organization called the Lazarus Group.

“The actors have been observed targeting specific security researchers by a novel social engineering method. After establishing initial communications, the actors would ask the targeted researcher if they wanted to collaborate on vulnerability research together, and then provide the researcher with a Visual Studio Project,” Weidemann wrote. 

“Within the Visual Studio Project would be