How Does Gravity Warp the Movement of Time?

How Does Gravity Warp the Movement of Time?

Gravity is all the time there, and it does plenty of issues. It makes apples fall down from the tree. It makes every part transfer, together with planets, stars, and galaxies. It bends the trail of sunshine. And, it additionally distorts the movement of time.

Picture credit score: Lucy_Prior through Pixabay, CC0 Public Area

These distortions are very, very tiny, at the very least right here on our Earth. We can not really feel them with any of our senses. However technically talking, any supply of gravity makes the time go slower, and this impact is thought beneath the identify of gravitational time dilation. The stronger the gravity, the slower the movement of time turns into.

What’s the connection between gravity and time, and why it’s there? After all, no person can present a sure reply to this query. However over the a long time because the emergence of the well-known idea of relativity, scientists have discovered methods to elucidate why and the way the gravity warps the movement of time, together with the concept time itself might be the reason for gravity. Within the following video you will notice and listen to an fascinating story brilliantly explaining the historical past behind this query and what’s identified to science right this moment:

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